Villagers (2019)

Sinister Fish Games

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1 - 5




30 min



Villagers is an engine building and card drafting game for one to six players, set somewhere in medieval Europe. The Black Death has taken a heavy toll, and the survivors, people from all walks of life, now look to the future and gather together to build new communities. Each player is in charge of populating a new village, with the aim of becoming the most prosperous. The game takes place over six rounds, and revolves around a central 'road' of cards. In the draw phase, players take a number of Villager cards from the road equal to the amount of food their village can produce. This is followed by a build phase in which cards can be played from a players' hand into their village. Cards are played in stacks, starting with base cards such as the Lumberjack, Miner, or Hayer, who each produce basic resources and can support two stacks of related businesses. These businesses generate income which is converted to coins each time there is a market day. At the end of the third market day, scores are totalled and the winner decided. Various synergies and combinations allow for crafty strategic play, and certain key villagers such as the Blacksmith or the Cooper are required to unlock the most lucrative production chains. —description from the publisher