Bowl Or Die! (2017)

Reality Cheque

Game Image

2 - 7




60 min



Derring do, and Derring don'ts!
Not only is this book the first new full- length Tales From The Floating Vagabond adventure to be published in over 20 years, it also has all the rules you need to run the game! This Quik-N-Dirty adventure has everything you need except for dice, pens or pencils, and up to 6 friends. If you’ve never experienced interdimensional drunken shenanigans, you’re in for a treat. If you have, welcome back!

This book contains:

a streamlined version of the Second Edition Tales From The Floating Vagabond Rules;

Bowl Or Die!, the adventure;

full-color Patron handouts;

full-color Bartender reference sheets;

beautiful art by Kira Woodmansee, Scott Lincoln, and Lucas Puryear;

and monkeys.