Deities: Domination (2018)

Muffin Games LLC

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2 - 4




45 min



The story for Deities: Domination picks up at the end of a great war. The war to regain the 7 realms from the darkness felled many, including the First of the Gods. As the realms recover, the Gods that once fought together now vie against each other to claim the empty throne.

Each player starts by choosing a God with special abilities and differing amounts of Power, Growth, and Fervor (used as currency through the game). Each player then selects action cards and establishes a tribe on the map, choosing their starting positions. The map is setup with a mix of obstacles, temples and resource tiles. The placement of these tiles varies every time, making each game unique.

The gameplay revolves around balancing your actions in the pursuit of your strategy to achieve territory control. You can acquire territory by expanding your tribe rapidly, going to battle, or converting enemy territory. To perform the wide variety of actions in the game, players must maintain their Power, Growth, and Fervor by performing Benevolent and Malevolent actions, on their own tribes, or others’ tribes. While some luck is involved in certain aspects of the game (such as uncovering hidden resources), most of the game revolves around strategy and decision making.

Deities: Domination is a versatile game, designed to maximize replayability. While players may lose territories, no player is eliminated from the game, and the structure of the game allows for recovery from asymmetric distribution of power, giving players the ability to recoup from disadvantageous situations. The combination of new map layouts, strategies, and Gods’ abilities creates an inimitable experience each game.