The Leprechaun Games (2015)

Spare Change Games

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3 - 6




20 min



Free when you use this coupon code: 91c9b03f72 120 cards with rules in PDF format 3-6 players ages 12+
The Leprechaun Games consists of two types of rounds per turn with the end goal of earning or getting as many shamrocks as possible. The first round is the 'Challenge Round', where the player reveals which of the 17 challenges (which are micro games within the game itself) the leprechauns are to compete in this round. After the challenge round is finished the leprechauns must move off to the next challenge, however being leprechauns, they can't stay away from mischief. So the second round of the turn is a 'Mischief' round where each player tries to prank, beg, or steal what ever shamrocks they can get from their fellow competitors! The game continues until the 'Pot-o'-Gold' is revealed during a challenge round. Print and Play version available.

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