Sheeps Gone Wild (2018)

Twilight Game Designs T&J

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2 - 5




15 min

A family friendly card game. Designed with simple mechanics and humor on two levels so kids of all ages can enjoy. The cartoon style card game has plenty of cards that offer surprises that change the game and make sure everyone has a chance to win until the very end!
Players assume the role of workers on a sheep farm and its time to shear the sheep. But the sheep have other plans, they know what time it is to! Players take turns picking sheep to attempt to shear each turn and gain "wool points", normally, but not always, after all the sheep are gone from the pasture, the player with the most "wool points" wins! Along the way each play gets to draw and play action cards that can help them, hurt others or effect all players at once. Some cards are optional, some you have to play when drawn!
So were not pulling the wool over you or trying to ram this game to yah but we think you will have a hoof'n good time! So get out there and get ta shearing, those sheep won't shear themselves!