Zombie Legacy (2018)

Slam Games

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2 - 5




90 min

Zombie Legacy is a fast paced co-op game for 2-5 players with 10 Legacy episodes. With branching storylines and an emphasis on character development, players choose their own path, and those choices impact gameplay. Working together with your fellow survivors you will explore the city searching for supplies and assets as you encounter zombies, hostiles and obstacles in your path. Will you survive together or die alone? Zombie Legacy Character Creation The first thing we do in Zombie Legacy is create our character! Each character is unique and customizable. First choose the character image sticker. Then choose your back story and stick it onto your player mat. Choose things that resonate with you or fit your feel for your hero and your play style - these choices will impact the game play and the campaign. You will also choose a starting weapon, and a Luck ability. This will be your character for the entire game throughout every episode. Zombie Legacy Game Mechanics Legacy - what happens in one episode will impact the next. Each episode has a branching storyline and you will decide as a group which way to take the game - choose your own path! Co-operative Play – you work as a team to achieve that episode’s goals. Modular Board with Tile Placement – tile selection is randomized forming a modular game board that is different every time leading to different possibilities for strategy and exploration. Grid Movement – you may move orthogonally on the game board, either moving into tiles that have been placed or by placing tiles onto the board. Variable Player Powers and Role Playing – in Zombie Legacy each character may develop different skills and attributes that can impact gameplay. Discovery, Pick up and Deliver – an episode may require you to search for particular items. These items can be found on the tiles, so you need to place tiles on the board in order to search. If you discover one of these items, you may collect it (pick up) and deliver it to the specified location. Delivery may trigger a reward. Trading – you may exchange game items with another player if you are in the same location. Combat – is a combination Dice Rolling with Encounter Cards and your assets. —description from the publisher