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1 - 5




60 min



Pharmacology is a dice driven strategy game featuring dice drafting, worker allocation, engine building, and strategic chaining of actions. Pharmacology is a rethemed version of the game that won the 2017 Manhattan Project Dice Game contest sponsored by Minion Games.

Pharmacology is for two to five players (plus a solo mode) that plays in about 20 minutes per player. Lead a pharmaceutical company to victory by developing the most lucrative drug treatments and vaccines. You’ll need to send your medical workforce to outbreak locations to secure samples, research drugs, and develop vaccines to fight the world’s diseases.
9 Custom d6 Dice
5 Player Boards
55 cubes
36 Disease Cards
12 Automata Cards
70 Tokens

Overview: Pharmacology uses a unique dice drafting mechanic. You will start the game with a common pool of eight or nine Action Dice, depending on the number of players. Each player is able to use 3 Action Dice per turn. Throughout the game you’ll be able to increase how many Action Dice you are able to use by increasing your Workforce. On your turn you will select from the Action Dice Pool dice equal to your Workforce level to take your Actions. If there aren’t enough dice in the pool you’ll use what is available, then reroll all the previously used dice (not including any dice you selected this turn).

Through the dice drafted, you will work to collect Samples, use and upgrade various Locations, hire Medical Technicians, Doctors, and Scientists, develop Drugs and Vaccines, and Treat Diseases. You can also boost your score by patenting Treatments, Quarantine diseases for easier research, and use profits to buy Medical Supplies, rerolls, additional resources, and more. In an advanced game, you’ll also have opportunities to commit acts of Industrial Espionage and file Lawsuits to hinder your opponents. When a player treats 40 points in Diseases the current round will be completed and scores calculated.

Solitaire: Pharmacology has a solitaire variant, featuring an AI player that will challenge even the most strategic players with several difficulty levels.