Knowledge the Game (2017)

The Toy Shark

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2 - 4




120 min

Knowledge is a battle-based, deck-building game that uses dice to determine victories. It takes place in a Fantasy realm where Knowledge is power and fought for. Mana allows you to summon giant creatures, defensive structures, and mighty warriors into your army in the quest to battle enemies and gain the most Knowledge. Knowledge cards give you victory points and bestow you with unique, extra abilities instead of clogging up your deck. Knowledge is a fast paced Deck-Builder where you are constantly reacting to your opponents cards. When someone plays a card it attacks each other player one by one. Roll die to determine battles and roll die for certain cards that give you extra abilities if you roll the right number. The whole point of the game is to gain the most Knowledge. Once all the Knowledge cards are gone the game is over. Count up all your Knowledge points, highest wins. —description from the publisher