Flip and Find's Diner (2018)

Spontaneously Combustible Games

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1 - 4




30 min

Flip and Find run a diner that is in complete chaos. Orders are pouring in and they can’t remember where they put their ingredients! In this memory game, players flip tiles to find the ingredients to complete orders to collect money (more complex orders are more valuable) and tips. The game is set up by dealing 25 tiles face-down in a 5x5 grid, and dealing 5 order cards face-up below the grid. On your turn, you flip over 4 tiles from the grid. If the ingredients revealed match the ingredients required for one of the orders, you collect that order and the money along with it. If you reveal a tip tile along with the ingredients to complete a recipe, collect a tip card. The value of which you will keep secret until the end of the game. Each order card also includes a special ability which will be available for a one-time use on a future turn. Tiles used to complete orders are discarded and replaced from the tile deck and completed order cards are replaced with new orders from the order deck. The game ends after a player has successfully completed 5 orders. Players finish out that round, so each player has had an equal number of turns, and the player with the highest combined dollar amount from completed orders and collected tips wins!

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