Hatsumode (2018)

Blue Fool Games

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2 - 4




30 min



It's the New Year, and it is time for the Hatsumode; the first shrine visit of the year! For three days, the Shichi-Fukujin - Seven Gods of Luck –travel the land in their Takara-Bune – Treasure Ship – to distribute gifts to the faithful in the land. This year, they are bestowing their Takara-Mono - Holy Treasures - through seven Jinja - Shrines - spread from one end of Japan to the other.

But these are dangerous times, and the land between the Jinja is fraught with Yokai, monsters from legend and myth. Some will help you, some will try to trick you, and the rest will need to be fought with Essence and Strength. With the help of your Omamori - blessed talismans - and the Takara-Mono, you will have the power you need to defeat them.

May the Blessings of the Lucky Gods Carry You Safely Through the Land.