Planetary Control! (2019)

Kerberos Productions

Game Image

3 - 5




30 min



In the vastness of space, empires vie for control of strange, alien worlds. Using specialized armies of soldiers adapted to exotic environments, their war councils plan for the decisive moment that they will take... CONTROL!

Sword of the Stars: Control! is a fast-paced, competitive card game of planetary conquest set in the colourful space opera universe of "'Sword of the Stars'".

3-5 players compete with one another over several rounds to take control of 6 different alien homeworlds. Players take turns to do a number of actions, including conquering planets, stealing other players cards, and reinforcing one of their captured worlds. A round of Control! continues until someone draws the 'Ceasefire' card.

Every captured world is worth Victory Points, and the player with the most Victory Points at the end of a game of Control! wins!

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