Grim Era

Edge of Mythos

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2 - 5




120 min

Welcome to Grim Era!
An age of infernal sagas, malevolent gods and dreadful beasts, all competing to see who can cause the greatest devastation in a god-forsaken world!
Dark times are upon us, where the benevolent gods that used to look after human kind are now all absent, leaving the continent of Archeia to the mercy of a newly formed alliance of chthonian deities, the infamous Di Inferi.
Havoc and turmoil are about to wreck the world, but these wicked gods have spent so much time locked away, weakened that they now have to search for that which will breathe new life into them. Unable to find the ichor that they crave, they have to settle for the next best thing: Humanity’s Anima Crux!
But alas, they can’t complete their devious plans alone. So, they’ve opened Pandora’s Box and unleashed upon the world the most hideous creatures that creation has ever seen! These malicious beasts, which cause despair and destruction upon their wake, are their avatars and they will do everything in order for their masters’ quest to succeed.
Are you ready to face the turmoil?