Picky Eater (2019)

Happy Harpy Games

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2 - 5




30 min

Play food and topping cards on your own plate or on your opponents' plates. Haggis? Here...you enjoy that. Form bonus-point combos to maximize your score. Ketchup on ice cream? Yep. Use over a dozen different action cards to feed the dog, steal a pile from another player's plate, initiate a food fight, and many more. Or use one of your turn's actions to draw a new card from the buffet. Great for strategy fans and point maximizers, yet accessible and quick enough for kids. And everybody enjoys the hilariously disgusting food combos that get created. Picky Eater is played over three meals (rounds), with each meal lasting until there's only one player remaining with any empty spots on their plate. Whoever has accumulated the most points at the end of the third meal wins! —description from the publisher

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