Tower Beast Slayers (2018)

Broken Archer

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1 - 4




60 min



In a land full of darkness and destruction, the cruel Dragon rules over all. With its evil army doing its bidding, the Dragon causes nothing but pain and suffering to the people. The Dragon has built up its vast army over the decade, ruling over the land as it sits atop its colossal tower. The people know nothing but fear and dread. That is until 4 Guardians of the realm were mysteriously sent: a valiant Knight, a cunning Archer, a great Mage, and a wise Cleric. No one knows for sure who sent them or where they came from, but together they are the only hope to slay the Dragon. Will they be enough?

Play as 4 Guardians and battle Monsters! Level up, learn skills, and roll dice in this card Turn Based Strategy game! Every battle is a new adventure! Work together using the Guardians' Magic abilities and slay all the Monsters!