Orcs Vs Vikings (2018)

Corey Keller

Game Image

2 - 4




60 min



Orcs Vs. Vikings is a 2-4 player worker placement game where players will have to work together to gather the resources they need to build defenses around their village. The Orcs are attacking from the mountains and your tiny Viking Village doesn't have the amount of villagers needed to fight them off. Help is on the way but it will still be days until help arrives! You must fight off the invading Orcs while trying to build your defenses. Work together to strategically hold them off until help arrives!

Players will take turns in order by sending out the villagers they control to several of the locations on the board. Such locations as the Blacksmith, Odin's Temple, The Market or even the outskirts of town (like the Forest, Mines or the Quarry). You will have to collect the resources needed to build defenses. Once the players have placed their Villagers on the board, Orcs will arrive! Now in the same turn order, players will activate their Villagers to either collect those resources, trigger an action, contribute to a defense, or fight off an Orc! If 10 villagers die, you lose. If your village gets overrun, you lose. If you get all 4 of your defenses built, YOU WIN!