Thieves Market (2018)

New Experience Workshop

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2 - 4




10 min

You are a master criminal looking to earn bragging rights at the annual Thieves' Market by bringing the rarest and most valuable wares for your discerning customers. All sales are final, but you may find items you worked hard to obtain being sold in another rogue's display! You'll have to find the right balance between choosing items to add to your own display and sabotaging what your rivals stole fair and square! Thieves' Market is a drafting microgame for 2 to 4 players. Each player is a world-class thief who will be attending an underground international auction. The sneak who brings the best goods earns bragging rights for the year. First, they'll be choosing their targets and building their collection. Afterwards, the auction provides them the opportunity to ply their trade against one another. Each player gets a hand of potential targets for them to rob. All players select a card, and at the same time they decide whether to put that card into their Display or their Stash. Cards in the display are face-up on the table and are worth the value in the top right corner. Cards in the Stash can be used for the action on the card later on. After players have allocated their cards, they pass their hands around the table and repeat this process until there are no more cards. After drafting, everybody has the chance to use the cards in their stash to affect the outcome. Players will go around the table stealing, breaking, or switching out items in an effort to be victorious. Card effects range from very strong to practically useless, but so do their value in your display. Figuring out the best cards and whether they belong in your display or in your stash will determine the outcome. Once both phases are complete, players will add up the value of their display and any relevant set bonuses. The player with the best display wins the round and is the most lauded at this year's auction.