Sewing Circle (2018)

New Experience Workshop

Game Image

2 - 3




15 min



Unspool your thread and keep it from getting tangled. If someone's thread gets tangled, they'll be out of the running! Sewing Circle is a game for 2 or 3 players. Your goal is to be the player who avoids tangling their thread. 12 cards are placed onto the table in a circle, with the 6 remaining cards being divided evenly among the players. Each player decides which color thread will represent them, and the first player to choose will go first. The rules are simple- keep your line unbroken. If your turn ends and your line is broken, you lose. Every turn you must flip a card in the circle face-up, then you may swap a face up-card with its neighbor, and then you may exchange any face-up card with a card in your hand. To win the game, you'll have to plan your moves so that while untangling your thread you tangle your opponents' thread as well. Causing multiple tangles means they'll have to spend their turn dealing with them and can limit their options in tangling things up for you. Choosing the best cards to flip on your turn and making sure the cards in your hands have different lines on them can be important as well. If you can plan multiple steps ahead you can improve your chances even more. —description from the publisher