Welterweights (2019)

Spontaneously Combustible Games

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2 - 2




30 min

Welterweights is a two player card programming and bluffing game that puts players in the mind of a boxer in the ring for an exhibition match. Players must choose cards carefully, outwit and predict their opponent, and land powerful combos in order to knock their opponent out. Knock out your opponent, or score the most points in 3 rounds in order to win. Each turn players will look at cards from a right hand deck and a left hand deck, each with different maneuvers available. The boxers each choose their next four moves and program their hand, then resolve cards in order, simultaneously. Successful dodges and punches can set up powerful combos and add damage cards to their opponent's decks. Players win by dealing enough damage to land a knockout, or by having the most points at the end of the game. —description from the publisher

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