The Hunt: Carpathia, 1897

Minion Games

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2 - 6




90 min

The Hunt: Carpathia, 1897 is a period specific tabletop adventure game, set in the dangerous monster-ridden land of Carpathia. Players of The Hunt will take turns moving around the game board, fighting monsters, avoiding hazards, collecting bounties, and trying to kill one another - all while trying to find better weapons and gear. Ultimately they want to take down one of the unique Prey monsters, each of whom grants a unique ability to their vanquisher. Weapons, items, monsters and hazards are all represented on detailed cards with unique art relevant (we hope) to the time period. Players roll dice (d8) to move and attack, using their own special abilities and items to their best advantage. Each player is one of 6 unique characters, each with different strengths. Death in The Hunt is by no means final - when a player loses all vitality points (players start with and have a max of 3) he/she is turned into a 'cursed' player, remains on the board with new abilities, and is now turned against the remaining live players. Nobody is ever 'out of the hunt.' Players battle monsters and each other earning trophy points for each monster vanquished. A player must collect a certain number of trophy points and make it back to the ship for the win! If all players become cursed, the cursed player with the most trophy points wins.