The Rum Chronicles (2018)

Jammy Games

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1 - 4




80 min



"Fifteen Men on a Dead man's Chest, Drink and the Devil had done for the rest."
Robert Louis Stephenson - Treasure Island

Welcome to the Spanish Main! When you start this game you will take on the role of a Buccaneer in the Caribbean during the late 1600s, otherwise known as, the Golden Age of Piracy! Over the course of the game you will hunt for buried treasure, sink enemy ships, hire fearsome pirates and pillage rich ports. Everything you do can potentially increase your legend status before the time of Pirates is at an end. Seem simple? Think again. This game spans over 60 years of Caribbean piracy and there are countless pitfalls and perils awaiting you. Only the bravest pirates names will be recorded in... The Rum Chronicles!

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