AfterShock: A Tavern Game (2018)

AFK Games, LLC.

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1 - 4




30 min



AfterShock is a unique and diverse collection of landscape cards that represent Grasslands, Forests, Mountains, and Water. Cards can be used as a 2 to 6 player or solitaire card game and as a random map generator or tavern game to augment your tabletop role-playing campaign. Fuddledich ( 2 to 6 players): Named after the retired cartographer and owner of The AfterShock Tavern, Fuddledich AfterShock. Fuddledich is a 2 to 6 player strategic trick-taking card game that uses terrain features as suits. With special trump cards that can change the active suit at any time, any card can win! Can you best your friends to reach 100 points first? Cartographer (Solitaire): A single player puzzle game where you create and remove clusters of matching terrain to create the perfect map.