Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game – Zahra Arvala / Mei Thompson (2018)

Portal Games

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1 - 5




180 min

A two-sided character board – one additional Investigator and one additional Consultant - that was a pre-order bonus and also available at Gen Con 2018. INVESTIGATOR Zahra Arvala is a former forensic scientist, now working for the Antares. Well-educated and fluent in four languages, Zahra always expressed interest in working outside of the laboratory environment. Her ability allows you to spend 1 Authority token from the Token pool to discard 1 Stress token from the Token pool. She adds a Perception skill to the Token pool. CONSULTANT Mei Thompson is a head of R&D department in one of the biggest, private, Richmond laboratory. She rarely focuses on one thing at the time, and loves the human interaction that comes with consulting for Antares. She is great at finding hidden meaning in seemingly uninteresting clues. She adds 2 Perception skills to the Token pool.