Soul Puzzler

Mana Still Games

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2 - 2




15 min



Soul Puzzler is a 2-player, head-to-head, tile placement puzzle game inspired by the puzzle based video games of the 90's to now. Similar enough to another classic, popular game, Soul Puzzler is easily accessible to all players. However, it has layers of depth that will please the more experienced gamer.

Thanks to the art style of Rodrigo "Rush" Martinez, Soul Puzzler is endowed with an art style reminiscent of the games within the Video Game Puzzle genre. His craft and imagination has been the foundation of the creation of the world of Aurasal, the realm in which Soul Puzzler exists. A large beautiful world full of wonder, delights, and sweeping vistas where the sunlight shines with a constant, warming presence. However, perhaps due to the quirks of nature or the whims of some unknown power, the world spins in such a way in which the sun only shines on one half of the planet. If the World of Light is something of a beautiful wonder, the dark side is its antithesis. Cold, gloomy, unknown and forgotten—the Midnight Lands are full of the most hostile terrain imaginable. Near the equator of Aurasal light merges into the darkness; here in the forever dusk and eternal dawn, exists Aurasal’s crown jewel, the city of Concordica.

And in this place where the denizens of the light and dark meet, trade, and politic, they also do something more. They fight.

The board game is based on a popular event in Concordica in which souls are waged against one another to prove their might and intellect. Every year there is a tournament in which different countries send representatives to battle for a place amongst the greatest in the realm. This is the Soul Puzzler Tournament.