Soul Puzzler - Turbo Edition (2018)

Mana Still Games

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2 - 2




15 min



Soul Puzzler - Turbo Edition is the All-in-One Version of Soul Puzzler, a 2-player, head-to-head, tile placement puzzle game inspired by the puzzle-based video games of the 90's to now, and the Dark Realm Expansion. Soul Puzzler - Turbo Edition is easily accessible to all players with added characters and abilities to add increased depth that will please the more experienced gamer and past Soul Puzzler players.

Thanks to the returning art style of Rodrigo "Rush" Martinez, Soul Puzzler - Turbo Edition is endowed with an art style reminiscent of the games within the Puzzle Video Game genre. His craft and imagination has been the foundation of the creation of the world of Aurasal, the realm in which Soul Puzzler exists.