Dart through the Amazon - Guide Pack (2018)

Mana Still Games

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1 - 4




15 min



This expansion add additional characters for the standard game and The Guide Expansion, which was an elective mode of play for the Dart Through The Amazon game. With the design help of Steven Tolhurst, each character will be able to act as a guide and will be randomly dispersed for each location deck and will alter the strength of cards within the decks. So not only will you be able to use your current character ability, you will also be able to activate the guide ability at the location site. This will add more variable play to the game and create a new dynamic for each game.

The additional game characters were designed by guest artist Rodrigo Martinez. Rodrigo has worked with me on my first Kickstarter success, Soul Puzzler, and I have integrated one of the upcoming expansion characters from Soul Puzzler Turbo, Echo, into Dart Through The Amazon.

This expansion also includes informative references for each of the frogs as well as the snake card. These references will give details on each individual species based on location, habits, food sources, etc. I really wanted to bring an educational piece into this game as I am a frog lover at heart and I want to share that love with everyone else.

Expansion For:
Dart through the Amazon
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