Pocket Pitch & Putt (2018)

New Experience Workshop

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2 - 3




25 min



Pocket Pitch & Putt is an 18 card microgame with 6 small tokens and part of The Stocking Stuffer Collection. Gauge your shots and read the green to outplay your fellow golfers! Pocket Pitch & Putt is a tiny golf simulator above the rest. Power and Control have to be managed to keep your shots out of the rough and away from the dreaded sand trap. By anticipating your opponent's condition cards, playing your own, and reading the wind you'll stay on the fairway and make it in under par! The game includes both the 'Front 9' for casual golfers and the more advanced 'Back 9' for seasoned veterans. In turn order, players choose where to aim their shot and play one card from their hand to affect the result. The other players also play cards to affect the outcome. If the active player has any Control over the shot, they may disregard one or more of the cards played. The shorter the shot, the more control a player has. After the cards are applied, they place their ball token on the aimed spot and the next player goes. In between rounds players draft the cards used in that round for future use. When players make it in on each hole, they move to the next. When all players finish a hole, the last player to finish gets to keep that hole card for future use. The game ends when the first player makes it into the 9th hole. For a full 18 hole game, score is kept and the game is reset for the 'back 9' at this point. —description from the publisher