Oscar Bait (2018)

New Experience Workshop

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2 - 4




15 min



Oscar Bait is an 18 card microgame and part of The Stocking Stuffer Collection. You are a star actor looking to earn the accolades you so richly deserve. Prove your talent by earning top roles and taking down your rivals to keep them from outshining you. You'll have to find the right balance between taking auditions and talking down your competition if you want to take home the prize! Playing Oscar Bait takes place in two distinct phases - Audition and Sabotage. In the audition phase each player drafts a choice role or scathing gossip from their hand and passes the rest along. Roles a player places into their schedule are worth points at the end, but are at risk of being lost or stolen based on the Sabotage cards played. Determine the right track for success and you'll end up with the best schedule in the end, but judge poorly and you may end up a bit player in someone else's story! —description from the publisher