Anime Island (2019)

Project Danger Games

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3 - 8




45 min

Welcome to the Network's newest hit reality survival game show... Anime Island! We've taken 16 cliche anime characters and stuck them on an island together. They'll face new challenges each episode. They'll fall in love, become rivals, and entertain you every step of the way. One-by-one they will be voted of by you, the viewers, in a process called, The Tribunal! Call in your votes now to make sure your favorite characters survive... Anime Island! Players have secret agendas dictating which characters they want to stay and which ones they want to go. For instance an agenda may say if you get both Cookie and Jikurou kicked off the island you get 10 points. Another could say if you make sure Daphne stays on the show the whole game, you'll get 11 points. Each episode (round) the characters face a challenge which will change which characters fall in love, become rivals, or are immune to the tribunal vote. Use deduction and negotiation, along with special tribunal powers of the fallen characters, player will try to manipulate the game to score the most from their secret agendas. The Game takes place over several rounds (episodes). Each episode has the following phases: 1) Today's Challenge Challenge cards are flipped up and determine which characters become rivals, form partnerships, or have immunity. 2) The Discussion A 1-minute sand timer is flipped and everyone discuses who to vote off of the island. Characters that gained immunity during the challenge cannot be voted for. 3) The Tribunal Vote When the timer runs out every player simultaneously points to a character (that does not have immunity). The character with the most votes is kicked off the island. In a tie> They are each kicked off! Any character that is partnered with a character that is voted off, also gets kicked off the island. A Character that is a rival with a character that gets kicked off the island gains immunity for the next episode (in addition to whoever gets immunity through the challenge) After 9 episodes, the game ends, and players calculate their score based on their secret agendas and which characters got kicked off, and which ones remain.