Dirty Detectives (2015)

Project Danger Games

Game Image

2 - 4




30 min

In Dirty Detectives, everyone has been assigned to solve the same murder, but solving murders is hard work, so instead each detective is going to try to frame someone for murder. Each time a player touches a piece of evidence, they learn what it is, but unfortunately now that evidence points to their involvement in the crime! The games uses 17 cards, 16 of which are laid out in a 4x4 grid with the 17th card in the active player's hand. Each card has an arrow on the back of it, and during play these arrows point at the players. On a turn, you have the one extra card in hand and pick up any card from the board. You choose one of these cards and place it face-down in the empty space with the arrow pointing to you; to end your turn, pass the card still in hand to your left-hand opponent, who now takes their turn. On your turn, you can also make an accusation. To do this, name a weapon and a motive, then pick up two cards pointing to the same opponent and look at them. If these cards match what you said, reveal these cards to everyone because you've just won the game; if you're wrong, however, place these cards facedown once again, but now pointing at yourself. Each card also has a special reveal benefit. When you place a card facedown on the board pointing at yourself, normally only you know what that card is; if you reveal the card, everyone now knows what it is, but you get to do the reveal benefit on that card, e.g., looking at cards without pointing them at yourself or rotating cards to point at opponents.