Treasure Map (2015)

Project Danger Games

Game Image

2 - 4




30 min

Treasure Map uses 16 unique double-sided cards. One side of the cards is used to layout the island. There is treasure hidden somewhere on this island. Then players use the other side (the map-side) of the card to play one of the several different ways to play. Game Mode: Treasure Island One every space of the island without an icon, place a coin. The each player chooses a space with an icon and places their pawn on it. Then players take turns playing cards, and choosing on of the available actions from the card. Move to the icon - move your pawn to the icon on the card, if this cause your pawn to move in a straight line then pick up any coins passed along the way Move steps - move your pawn one space for each set of footprints on the card, picking up any coins passed along the way Pick up via strokes - for each stroke on the card, pick up one coin from an adjacent space First one to 12 coins wins. Game Mode: Gentlemen Pirates Each player takes one card and looks at the icon on the map-side of the card. This is where they treasure is hidden. Players then asking yes or no questions to try to locate each others' hidden treasure. Example questions: Is you treasure hidden next to a red icon? Is your treasure hidden on the coast of the island? Is you treasure hidden by a palm tree or a lighthouse? Players take turns asking a question, the first one to figure out where their opponent's treasure is hidden wins!