Lunation (2019)

Underworld Kingdom

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2 - 4




120 min



The Emperor is dead. The law says that if there is more than one heir to the throne, a Lunar War must take place in order to determine the new ruler of the Empire. The Lunar War will last for 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds – one full lunar cycle of the long forgotten planet Earth. The warfare will rage on the specially designated, uninhabited sector located at the frontiers of the Empire. The ancient, automatic factories and shipyards will be opened again, for the first time in many decades. The right of succession will depend on the shrewdness, skills and courage of the Fleet commanders and on their strategically distributed forces. The best will win and throw the corpses of their fallen enemies beneath the throne of the new, victorious emperor! Lunation is a game based on numerous negative interactions between the players and area control elements. During the seven turns of the game, the players explore space, obtain Systems, build Fleets and recruit Characters in order to pulverize their enemies with procured resources and pure military force. Become the ruler of the Empire! Lunation is a dynamic game about space conquest and war. The players’ task is to claim the throne of the Empire. They fight each other to determine one person powerful enough to seize the power. During the seven turns of the game, the players explore planetary Systems, build Fleets and recruit Characters in order to subdue their opponents with collected resources or pure military power. Simple and comprehensible: Lunation is not complicated in terms of rules and it is easy to learn; Negative interactions: apart from trading, virtually all other aspects of the interaction between the players lead to bloodshed; High replayability: due to the considerable number of cards, a draft system “embedded” into the game preparation process and numerous diversified strategies leading to victory, no two games will be the same; Dynamic combat: Lunation players use special dice that make it possible to quickly determine the result of the confrontation (without any counting!). Moreover, Action Cards, special properties of the Characters and a certain special feature of the dice add some elements of uncertainty to the result of each battle; Many ways to win: combat is not the only method that can be used to obtain the highest number of Victory Points and eternal glory – a player can also win by fulfilling Secret Goals and gathering Resources! —description from the publisher