Stolemë (2018)

Underworld Kingdom

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2 - 4




75 min



Stolemë – become an ancient giant . Stolemë are Kashubian Giants. They are strong and feisty. They fiercely fought amongst each other, throwing huge rocks at each other as if the rocks were made of feathers. When the rocks hit the ground, they accidently shaped the landscape of the Kashubian coast. Under their thick skin, however, they hid their kind hearts. They had families. They loved their giant wives and cared for their giant children. The goal of the game is to prove other giants wrong, with precise rock throws. Every Stolem family is unique. In game, players may use the variety of actions, movements, gods’ disapproval cards and rock throws, which not only will make them win over the other families, but also will shape the kashubian cost in unique ways. The game is highly replayable, after every game the shape of the kashubian coast is different. —user summary