Stworze (2017)

Underworld Kingdom

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1 - 5




180 min



Stworze is an adventure game set in slavic mythology, legends and folk tales. The game takes us on a journey across the Land, a world rich in lore and deities. Players assume the roles of eight mythical creatures (Stworze is an antiquated Polish word for creature, English counterpart could be ellen-gÇ£st), who will use their strength and artfulness in order to either help or harm people of the Land in everyday life. By fulfilling unique quests they try to spread the influence towards the entire region. With every action Stworze will fight their way to dominion over the Land and its people. The first Stworze to complete all missions from the unique quests deck becomes the winner. Each quest requires action, and each action demands operations on the board. Those actions expand the influence over the Land which helps us to become the only Guardian of the region. As an action we can help or harm people, complete a quest or set rampaging crowd to a Stworze’s liar. Completing an action brings you one step closer to the unavoidable events - eg. Dziady (Grandfathers) or Jare Gody (Slavic spring equinox festival). The game offers two variants: 1. For beginners You create your missions deck according to the printed numbers on cards 2.For experienced players Recommended after playing at least one game and familiarising with all the components. A player creates the missions deck as they wish. Additionally, one chosen card is given to each of the opponents. Update : Stworze International edition (Essen Spiel 2018) : - new Action: Duel - Rest action and Lair action become one - some minor differences - 10 miniatures in hte box