Two Robots (2019)

Two Robots Inc.

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2 - 4




45 min



Two Robots is an interactive, strategic card game where 2-4 players, otherwise known as Salvagers, cooperate and compete to build two robots from scrap parts in order to restore civilization on the planet Rennova. In order to build Two Robots, you need to swap, freeze, destroy and collect robot parts. Stacking Robot cards with similar energy types allows you to meet the conditions on various Salvage cards. If a Salvager or a team completes their robot with a Core Energy Battery card, they obtain special powers. Stop your enemies from building robots faster than you by leveraging your Protocol cards. The game has three unique play modes. At four players, teams of two collaborate to build their Two Robots. With three players it becomes a boss fight, where two take on one. Or, duel it out with your best rival in 1 vs. 1. How To Win: Be the first player or team to salvage 10 robot parts, enough to complete Two Robots. —description from the publisher