Cover Blown! (2019)

Friendly Fire

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3 - 5




15 min



Cover Blown! Is a multiplayer, hidden information, mobile / board game hybrid, which has 3-5 players taking the role of cops bluffing and logically solving a murder mystery covered up by a secretly corrupt cop.

The game plays along the lines of deception game classics like Werewolf, The Resistance and Clue to name a few. The players have to deduce their way through the information chaos and use their deceptive powers to avoid getting their true identity exposed.

What makes Cover Blown! stand out from the crowd is adding the players' smartphones to the mix. The players will throughout the game receive phone calls from their confidential informants, with clues about the ongoing murder case which they are to solve. Black boxing the game’s information flow and delivering information only through audio heightens the feeling of deception and secrecy, elegantly adds real-time gameplay, and allows the disposal of a dedicated game master as with classic social deception games.