Gods of Metal: The Chosen (2019)

Laughing Rogue

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1 - 4




90 min



Your home, a land of steel, blood, and death is being threatened. Creatures from Outside have been trying to gain entry for centuries and the Gods of Metal have held them off. Until now, these creatures were a loose band of demons and other things attacking weakly and easily repelled. Lately they’ve been getting bolder. Tales of the great demon lords rallying together to make a final run are spreading. If they make it through, the universe is lost. The creatures of darkness stand at the edge of your realm, their malicious intent is plain in their stance. The creatures charge. The Gods of Metal reach out to gather together the greatest band in history and use the power of Metal to stop their advancing darkness, that’s where you come in. Your van is bouncing down yet another lonely highway when the flash of lightning chars your engine. Each of you step out, cursing the bolt that took your van. Just then, another bolt strikes a short distance away, the thunder driving you back. A figure made of pure electricity walks towards you. You’ve been chosen. You are all that will stand between the Universe and Darkness. Gods of Metal: The Chosen is a game of destruction and greatness for 1-4 Players! Each player will take the role of one of a Band Member chosen by the God of Metal seeking to defend the Universe against the demonic forces seeking to gain entry. The Overlords wants to destroy these lands by sending minions to attack the land’s defenses. To win and save everything, you must defeat the Overlords!