Heroes of Tersia (2020)

Nalu Games

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1 - 5




45 min

Heroes of Tersia is a lightweight game in a fantasy setting that can be played either cooperatively (1-5 players) or competitively leave (2-5 players). It uses cards, dice, and damage counters with no game board. Some RPG elements are involved - equipping items for upgrades, dice-based combat, actions, etc. To win, players must either defeat the boss Shayd or equip the 3 pieces of the Dragon Armor. Shayd can be engaged at any time, but players need some great equipment to stand a chance. And the pieces of the Dragon Armor can be found in the Treasure players loot from Monsters. Players take turns and on each player's turn, they can Equip new treasure and Recharge their Action cards. They then can move to a new area or remain where they are, and finally they will attack a Monster. If the Monster is still alive, it will retaliate against the player. Combat is decided with simple dice rolls with Attack and Defense augmented by equipment or actions. When a Monster is defeated, players who are in combat with the Monster roll dice (augmented with the Loot stat) to see how much Treasure they receive. —description from the designer