7 Summits (2019)

Mayday Games

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2 - 5




40 min

In 7 Summits, players take on the roles of a team of world class mountain climbers. By the effective management and use of drafted dice, players will upgrade their equipment, advance in skill, and ascend the 7 highest mountains in the world. At the beginning of each round, the First Player will roll the dice. Then, beginning with the First Player, each player selects dice to use to either climb a mountain or improve their equipment (i.e. - unlock abilities to aid your way up the mountains). Mountain climbing can be dangerous, try to make it to plateau's before bad weather hits! Each round, a new weather card will be drawn. Weather can affect all mountains, or just one! The game plays until the last weather card is drawn. The winner is determined by the player who has accumulated the most points. —description from the publisher