Streets (2020)

Sinister Fish Games

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2 - 5




60 min

Troit city was once poor and partly abandoned, but the cheap properties have attracted artists, startup companies and families. Celebrities and influencers are moving in, and even the tourist industry is getting revitalized. Street by street, the new people are transforming the city into a center of commerce and culture. You play as investors trying to ride the waves of gentrification, investing in buildings and turning them into viable businesses and valuable homes. Some streets will become hotspots for hipsters, others will be dominated by tourists or families with children. Others still will become designated shopping areas. Where will your Microbrewery profit the most? What is the best location for a Toy Store? What kind of environments are the other investors creating, and can you exploit their work for your own profit? As the revival of each street is completed, the crowds will move to the next hotspot, hopefully one of your properties in an up and coming street. Can you compete with the hype of your rivals and grow your following over time? To gain the most riches you must manage your limited investment funds cleverly, planning ahead while also keeping your mind open to fresh opportunities. To help you in this process are some expert consultants, like the Contractor helping you build faster, the Influencer directing shoppers to you and the Realtor speeding up sales. The investor who has profited the most from the development of the city is the winner of the game. Streets is a tile-drafting and -laying game where you build a city one building at a time. The city is populated by hipsters, families, shoppers and tourists, each with their own preferences and needs. Cleverly locate your businesses and attract the right people to profit more than your opponents. Buildings provide these people both as static symbols and as meeples that will move from street to street as they are scored. Help your opponents score by closing off their streets, while profiting more yourself as you move the crowds to your own buildings. In additon there are consultants that can be hired to give you powerful one-time abilities that might just give you the edge over your opponents and make you the richest developer at the end of the game. —description from the publisher