Lost Galaxy: The Intergalactic Card Game (2018)

Rudy Games

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2 - 4




15 min

Expand, protect, survive —In a galaxy far, far away, a cosmic catastrophe is looming. Soon, the sun will turn into an all-devouring supernova. Who will be able to evacuate the largest number of planets and ensure the survival of their fraction? Before you play Lost Galaxy: The Intergalactic Card Game, download and install the free Lost Galaxy app from your app store. Start the app and place your smartphone or tablet at the center of the table. Each player chooses one of the four factions: sirians, broods, cyborgs, or mechs. Shuffle the card stack and each player gets now five cards on his hand. Gameplay: The player in turn can play up to his 6 hand cards: He can place a planet card with #1 at a free spot (there are 8 free spots around the smartphone) He can place a planet card with one level higher or lower on an existing planet card stack He can evacuate a planet (card stack) by playing a space ship card He can destroy a part or the whole planet by playing a special card At the end of his turn the player fills up his cards on the hand up to 6 cards again. How to win: If the sun becomes a super nova (the app shows you that) you have to count the level of evacuated planet cards. The player with the most own evacuated planet levels win the game. Benefits of the app: Unpack and play - no need to read a rule book More action thank to special random events More diversity with fractions with special skills chosen via the app More fun due app updates with additional game content —description from the publisher