One Deck Dungeon: Mist (2019)

Asmadi Games

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1 - 2


45 min

Mist is a new hero for One Deck Dungeon. Mist's heroic feat allows her to build up power by using spells. In any encounter which you cast a spell, you add a black dice to the character card. During the heroic feat phase, you can increase all dice here by 1, or gain them all. This allows you to continue to increase the dice power until you really need it. Her 1 player skill allows her to spend blue dice to store yellow or pink 2 on her heroic feat. This continues to expand her forward thinking ability by making use of leftover dice from encounters. Her 2 player skill allows the party to reuse any spells that were previously used in the encounter. This promo was given out at Gen Con 2019 to promote Aeon's End Digital.