Iconoclasm (2014)

Nova Suecia Games

Game Image

2 - 4




45 min




Fire, water, earth, air and spirit are the elements, of which worlds are created. It is your duty to unite them into a world in balance. Beware, if the balance is disturbed, the elements will clash and the unity break until only one element dominates the world. But perhaps that is what you secretly desire?

In Iconoclasm, the players represent ancient gods that create a world together. Elements are placed, units are formed and the world is in balance. But each unit is dedicated to one element only and soon they begin to clash. The iconoclasm has started and it will not end until only one element dominates the world. Iconoclasm is a simple and yet tactically deep game where the players take turns to place element tokens on the game board. Once formed in units of seven, the icon of the strongest element is placed in the unit. However, as more units are formed, the elements will clash, leaving one unit is destroyed and the other weakened. At the end, only the strongest unit will prevail and one element become the one and only. Will it be your element or will it be eliminated from the world? Play Iconoclasm and find out!