hoard 'n' plunder (2014)

Pierce Design

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2 - 6




15 min

website http://piercedesign.wix.com/pierce-design#!about2/c34z

Hoard 'n' Plunder
Take on the role of a pirate in this game of greed and revenge

In this fun game of greed and revenge attempt to build your treasure hoard as the other players attempt to pilfer your coffers but they better watch out because you are all pirates and two can play at that game.
This is a great pick up and play game with quick setup and few mechanics in the vein of uno. It is a good game for those that enjoy intense strategy but it is also simple and easy to learn so it is accessible for both children and advanced adult players alike. Above all it is fun there will be alot of trash talking and grudges but no one will feel victimized for long because in this game its never long before the victim becomes predator and vice versa.