1001 Odysseys (2016)

Asmadi Games

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1 - 5




90 min

1001 Odysseys is a crazy and fun adventure, starting with your unexpected acquisition of a starfaring vessel. You'll start by drafting a crew of strange and interesting aliens, then it's off to space! Each crew member (and your ship) has a destiny to fulfill. Every turn you'll have an encounter, with multiple choices of how to best resolve it. Encounters are all handled by a digital app, each one with a short story paragraph that you read aloud before making your choice. After a period of adventuring, a Space Crisis will emerge! All players will have to band together with their vessels and crews to combat the nefarious threat to galactic life as we know it. Threats include, but are not limited to, serious problems such as: The depletion of all snacks in the entire universe, protests threatening to dim all stars in the galaxy by 50% because things are too bright, and a giant space slug that is hungry and wants to consume planets.