Terrene Odyssey (2015)

CGC Games

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2 - 4




20 min

You are the Commanding Officer of your party of Adventurers. Defeat the enemy party in this competitive 1v1 and 2v2, all-inclusive battle card game modeled after the battle systems of 90's Video Game RPG's. All the Terrene Odyssey cards come in one box. No trading and no boosters. Play with an included pre-constructed deck or build your own custom 30 card deck. Starting Party Composition: Terrene Odyssey is different from other games because you begin with 9 cards in play turn 0. 4 Characters, 4 Items and/or Commands assigned to those characters and a Terrain card. This is your starting Party Composition. What build will you play? Recruit Your Party: From your 30 card deck, pick your starting party. Recruit 4 characters from your deck and put them into play face-down. Assign Items and Commands: Prepare your team for battle by assigning them Items and Commands from your deck. Pick Your Terrian: Pick where your party will fight. Give them Terrain advantage and govern how they will level up. Win Battles and Level Up: Defeat your opponent's characters to gain XP and Level up!When you defeat an enemy character you gain XP equal to their level. You win the game by defeating the entire opposing party or reducing the player's HP to 0. Play in casually accessible yet competitively balanced 1v1 or 2v2 formats.