Bad Decisions (2015)

Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc.

Game Image

3 - 12




20 min



Bad Decisions introduces a new line of party card games from Diamond Dust Dreams Inc., the creators of Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools. Because of the MadLibs-inspired storytelling twist to this game, each prompt (Story) card can set up literally hundreds of different situations. The judge (called the Bard, in keeping with the storytelling theme) plays cards for whichever of the categories (Fool, Crisis or Bad Decision) come up in the first two blanks on that Story card; the other Players complete the story by anonymously playing a card from their hands to fill the final blank. The Bard chooses the winning Story ending, and passes the role of Bard on to the next Player to the left. Because you can't make the dumbest stories up, the cards in the core set have themes of bad decisions in headline news and technology, the latter being decided on by a vote of the kickstarter backers. Both themes are populated by hilariously wrong cards drawn from news stories and anecdotes researched from various online and print sources, or sometimes personally related to the creators of the game.