Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching (1st Ed) - Discontinued (2013)

DPH Games Inc.

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2 - 5




30 min



The Zombie Apocalypse has begun! Fortunately, YOU have your priorities straight. What could be more important? It’s time to grab your shotgun and go out Geocaching! The Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching expansion pack adds an incredible amount of fun, twists, and strategy to Cache Me If You! Nothing puts a thrill into geocaching like running down a few Zombies along the way. A Zombie or two won’t be much of a problem, but watch out when they start to gather and overwhelm. And if they get to you, you will play out the game as a geocaching Player Zombie! The expansion pack includes all of your favorite items… shotguns, chainsaws, crowbars and more! A New Zombie Hunting Character Specialized Equipment Cards Additional Event Cards Even More Caching Area Cards The Zombies will be moving and gathering their numbers… Geocaching will never be the same!