#VECTOR (2014)

Gamelyn Games

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2 - 2




15 min

In the year 2220, criminal gangs and organizations have moved from the streets and back alleys of the physical world to the fiber optics of cyberspace. The two most infamous hacker crews, the ruthless Black_Skulls and the guileful White_Wolves are on the front lines of this new digital war; devastating security systems and vying for notoriety. When warfare is virtual, reputation is everything. Overview In #VECTOR, two players take control of rival hacker crews in a constant struggle to rule the grid. As the leader of a crew, you will increase your reputation and damage your opponent’s in three key ways: 1) Controlling the grid by converting it to your crew’s color 2) Using remote exploits to damage your opponent’s system 3) Hacking into your opponent’s mainframe and stealing valuable data Objective There are a limited amount of REP tokens in the general supply. The player with the most REP when the token supply runs out wins!