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2 - 4




30 min

In the 2-4 player strategy game Icefall, players take on the role of ice climbers risking it all on the world's most dangerous icefall! The ice is breaking beneath their feet and they must rush to the top of the mountain to reach the rescue helicopter before they are swallowed by the avalanche. Players can choose between five different play styles: 1v1, 2 player co-op, 3 and 4 player free-for-all and 2v2 co-op. Players must make critical decisions under the pressure of the clock. With a modular game board players will be adding to the top of the board as they climb and must stay away from the bottom of the board as it is removed periodically. Every round players face the challenges of ice climbing by revealing tiles they are approaching. These tiles will present varying degrees of ice thickness, how slippery the surfaces are, the moraine gradings, crevasses, boulders and more! Each tile requires a different response from the player. Do you dig in and keep climbing? Do you swing to another location (tile)? Or, do you bust out the ice screw and hook in? Either way, you better decide fast, because every time the sand-glass runs out the lowest portion of the mountain crumbles into an avalanche. The players positioning on the board (mountain) will determine if they become part of the avalanche or live to make another tough decision. The goal of the game is to reach the summit, where a rescue helicopter is waiting. The game incorporates press your luck elements with time control and quick decision making. Co-op games involve a steeper challenge requiring extensive team work including rope systems, leading and belaying.