Lords, Ladies & Lizards: The Adventure Game

Gamelyn Games

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2 - 6




120 min

Lords, Ladies & Lizards: The Adventure Game is a one-of-a-kind role playing adventure set in a medieval fantasy world threatened by an all powerful Dragon! Up to six Players get a chance to create and develop Characters through a complex journey that involves strategy, economics, politics and war! Players are able to play as either a Lord, a Lady or a Lizard, each with unique properties and leveling bonuses. Over the span of many game years, players will face personal struggles with jealousy and greed, deceit and rage! They will travel across three continents by land, by sea and by air, clearing the way of treacherous monsters. Players must choose which path to take... the way of the warrior? Or the lavish life of the landlord? They can build wealth and recognition through Theatres and entertainment. Or buy and trade treasures and build kingdoms that will rise and fall! They will be forced into war against one other all for the right to reign supreme! But there will only be one winner and that is the one who defeats the Dragon! Do YOU have what it takes to defeat the Dragon!?